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Spring/Summer 2016 Events

Free tours have started this year and will be continuing throughout the spring and summer. We can’t be open every day though, so check out our Eventbrite page for the next tour date and book your free tour early to avoid disappointment. We’ll also have details of any paid events and performances we’ll be staging during the summer.

Hiring the tower and private tours

If you’d like to hire the Tower for your own event or would like a one off tour for your group please get in touch

2 Responses to “Events & Tours”

  1. isabel fuertes

    Dear sir or madam
    I will go to Eastburne on sunday 5th of April with my family. I have read a lot of good reviews on tripadvisor and because of that I would like to visit the Wish Tower.
    I would like to know if it will be open, the timetable and the fare.

    Thank you in advance

    • Liz

      Hi Isabel
      We’re just sorting out the details of upcoming tours. We’re hoping to be open during the Easter weekend.
      If you’d like to check back on the website in a few days the details will be posted.
      Thanks for your interest.


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