Busy Weekends at The Wish Tower

We’ve recently had quite a lot of activity at The Tower and it’s been lovely to welcome more people to look around.

First, we had the Battlefields Trust who made a special visit to Eastbourne to see both Redoubt and the Wish Tower. They’d expected to bring about 10 people with them, but in the end 20 came! Sadly, the weather that Friday afternoon was appalling so we mainly stuck to a tour of the inside of the tower. However, towards the end the thunder and lightning stopped so we all braved it onto the roof and stood in waterproofs and with umbrellas to discuss the gun platform, the view (and the weather!). A thoroughly lovely group and it was an absolute pleasure to give a tour to such an interested, and interesting group.

Then, for the last two weekends we’ve welcomed some local amateur radio enthusiasts for “International Museums Weekend”. The antenna was safely rigged on the roof and a cable run down to the radio which was safely inside, running on batteries. After two weekends of this, we got really slick at setting up and taking down the kit.
We had our own call-sign: Golf-Bravo-Zero-Whisky-Tango-Mike (or, GB0WTM, if you’d prefer). The guys made contact with a few other enthusiasts in the event but also some other enthusiasts from various parts of the UK and further afield. they were an absolute joy to share the tower with for a few days and we’re hoping to repeat the event next year – thanks Tony, Brian, Keith, Vince, John and Jane (and apologies to anyone I’ve missed).

Sam and John next to the antenna

Keith on the Radio

Our information panels up in the Tower

We took the opportunity to also hold a flag-making workshop as part of our Awards for All arts project which is being led by our friends, Elise and Mary, and lots of people took the opportunity to find out more and/or design a flag in a competition to create a flag for the Wish Tower.





All four days we opened the tower for people to visit on a casual basis and we saw something in the region of 200 people come in and look around.

The weather was much more conducive to visitors and some of us ended up with sunburnt faces whilst waiting outside the tower to greet people and encourage them in.

All in all some really lovely events and the Wish Tower Friends would like to thank everyone who came, joined in the fun and made such generous donations towards the further work on the Tower.