About the Friends

The Wish Tower Friends is a group of people, from Eastbourne and beyond, who want to encourage more people to visit and appreciate the Wish Tower Slopes.

We took over the tower, on a short term lease from Eastbourne Borough Council, with the following aims:

  • To restore public access to the Tower
  • To find out more about the Tower’s colourful history and to tell its story to others
  • To raise funds to put towards the repair of the Tower
  • To work with the Council with the long term aim of restoration of the Tower thus securing its future
  • To act as a community voice in the plans for the restaurant site

Since first taking over the lease, we have successfully cleared the tower of assorted junk and subsequently conducted tours for well over 2000 people. We’ve also staged more than a dozen other events. We’ve now completed historical and structural surveys which will form part of a plan to be presented to the Council and Historic England with the aim of raising more funds for its full restoration

Read more about the history of the Tower and the site here.

2 Responses to “About the Friends”

  1. Paul Risvold

    Tonight my wife and I went to a talk given by Kevin Gordon. We both thought it was excellent and hope we can go to more.
    Please can you let me know if any other events have been organised. I only came across the notice about the talk when I popped into The lamb for a quiet drink.
    Thanks again for an enjoyable night.

    Paul Risvold

    • LizCrew

      Hi Paul,
      Really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming.
      If you sign up to the newsletter and/or keep watching the website you’ll see all our planned events.
      We’re doing tours of the Tower over the Easter weekend. It’s free but wise to book your tickets in advance – the Events page will take you to our booking system. Hope to see you again soon.